"My job as a photographer is to bring order to chaos.

While it's true that our world is full of visual richness, it's also true that our world is full of visual chaos.

The difficulty in creating strong, dynamic photographs is in dealing with that chaos.

Out of an infinite number of elements, I (and you) have to select and arrange a certain number of them into some visual harmony.

Consider the difference between a painter and a photographer.

Starting with a blank canvas, the painter constructs an image by adding only those elements needed for visual excitement.

But my job as a photographer is to eliminate, to strip away many of those chaotic elements that exist in front of me

until I arrive at the strongest possible image."


Norton, B. (2001) "The Art of Outdoor Photography - Techniques for the Advanced Amateur and Professional",

Voyageur Press, Hong Kong, ISBN 13:978-0-89658-459-4, 12



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